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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Etsy and ArtFire going LIVE this week!!!

So, I'm excited!!! I intend for my Etsy (that's a link) and ArtFire (also a link) shops to go LIVE this week!!! This has definitely been some time in the making.  I wanted to have everything up and running last summer, but working a full-time internship (paid, thank my lucky stars) in the museum's textile and object conservation department, and working part-time immediately afterward- I was exhausted, to say the least. That does not include my duties as a mother of two young boys AND my preparations for my undergraduate thesis on Caravaggio (still working on it- graduate this year, so time's a'wasting). Yikes! 

This summer, I'm only working part-time evening/weekend hours and I'll have the boys with me during the day whilst running Studio Aly- whew! It's definitely doable. I know that my work will fair well, because during the semester, I focus on custom designs. I'll have to hustle this summer because I'm working towards earning money for my tuition!!! So, know that, aside from the items specifically dedicated to charities, all proceeds will go towards the Aly-Finally-Gets-Her-Degree-After-Taking-Breaks-For-Two-Children Fund!!! A worthy cause indeed. My children come first, so it took me a little (ok, a LOT) longer to complete my bachelor of art.  Here's a preview of my packaging for my jewelry and smaller items, I'm so excited. Please let me know what you think about my boxes and cards!!! 

I contacted my Graphic Designer, Christina Peña (click on her name to view her website), so that we can send my business cards and business identity package (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, tags, etc.) to the printer! Once they get here, I'll tag my textile items and post them as well!!! So, look out for scarves, handbags and small art quilts in the near future!