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Monday, May 24, 2010


Those of you who know me personally, know I always speak of quality in both design and the execution of the crafts(wo)manship in a finished piece be it fashion, jewelry, fine art etc. So, I'm designing a quilt for my niece in Virginia (images of the chosen fabrics can be found here in my blog post from the other day). I pride myself on the quality that goes into every step of my work and as I was perusing the web, I stumbled upon this article on Quilt Quality on the Amish Country Quilts website. The article provides a simple explanation of how to discern a well-designed quilt from one that is poorly designed. It also gives a few guides on what to look for: evenly placed stitching, balance/proportion in design, and how the fabrics interact with one another and the result on the eye of the viewer (a matter of taste). I have nothing more to add to this, actually, as I agree wholeheartedly. Making a quilt is an hours-long process that begins with the fabric selection and design, NOT the sewing. Happy reading!

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