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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pricing Artwork Lecture from SNAG Conference

Here is a video to a fantastic lecture on pricing artwork presented at a SNAG Conference. Oftentimes, artists, designers, artisans and craftspeople price their undervalue their work and the amount of time it takes to produce. Now, there are huge factors called QUALITY, EXPERIENCE & the amount of TIME put into a piece that should be accounted for. Most people say, "Oh, I can do THAT!" or "Anyone can do THAT, why does it cost so much?" And, to some extent, I agree. Anyone CAN do what they set their mind to, BUT are they GOOD at it? What is the QUALITY of the work they're putting out? This is not nearly all-inclusive, but here are a few questions one might ask:For sewn items: how is the stitching- is the length appropriate for the design? Are the finishing techniques appropriate for the fabrics used? Is it properly lined? Was it constructed properly?For beaded jewelry: are all of the loops even? Is the clasp appropriate for the materials used? Is the piece made for durability?A few more questions: Where did the artist receive their training? Self-taught? Design school? Workshops? Apprenticeship? Are their items well-designed or lacking in areas? Does the finished product look as if it were professionally constructed? Would you purchase the item if it were in a local shoppe or does it look "home made" as opposed to HANDmade?These are important considerations when purchasing items from people marketing themselves as artists or artisans. I am in no way trying to come across as an art school elitist, but at the same time, I have spent a great deal of time in the studio honing my fine art skills (not to mention a great deal on tuition). I've learned things in art school that could never be taught in a book, and I take pride in what I do. Even though I transfered schools and curricula from my fine art and design to art history (Moore College of Art & Design to Temple University) I value my education on both sides of the coin and each facilitates the other.Ok, enough of my ramblings and on to the lecture!!!

Professional Development Seminar NOT JUST ANOTHER PRICING LECTURE

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