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Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Phone for the Studio & Other News!!!

What should I do with all of this "stuff"? The quilting fabrics are for a quilt I'm designing for my niece- just didn't design the block yet... The beads? Who knows!

EXCITING NEWS!!! New number for the Studio! I really didn't like having clients (and potential clients) calling my cell phone directly. Firstly, because it is my personal line and I like to play with different songs for the music and things such as that. Secondly, because if I relocate, the number will change and I'll have to have all of my business identity materials re-printed with the new info (I refuse to scribble out the old number and re-write in black Sharpie- looks unprofessional). So, I got a Google Voice number for my Studio. I selected a SUPER cool number 8323 Studio. Yes, that is my number!!! So easy, right? (832) 378-8346 even if you don't remember 8323Studio, the numerical equivalent is pretty easy, in my opinion.

In other news... I have so many ideas that I would like to bring to life, I'm not sure where to begin! Sewing handbags? Jewelry (beaded)? Knitting (hand or machine)? Paper crafting? Textile print design? Weaving? Ceramics? Oil painting? Fashion design? 

The jewelry design is currently limited to beaded designs because my studio is not set up for custom fabrication at the moment. I'm thinking of enrolling in a class to gain access to a studio- same thing for ceramics. Lately, all I've wanted to do was sit at the wheel and throw whatever comes out of my soul. Gosh, I love ceramics! I love everything I do, hence my dilemma. Am I an Artist or a Designer? I do both and I am inspired to create in both realms. Interestingly, as an art history major, I see the fine art in design... The difficult task of an Artist/Designer! I therefore choose to introduce myself as an artist because, no matter what medium I select to express myself, I am an artist first.

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