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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Friendship; Jennifer Lopez, "Louboutins"

So, I know it's been a while since my last blog post, and it will be at least another 15-18 days because of thesis, weaving and end-of-the semester business coupled with senior year. I just wanted to share some thoughts I posted in a note on my Facebook page.

This is a note I wrote earlier titled "Who/What is a 'friend' anyway?"

"I'm sure there has never been a word with such a diversity of meaning, but as with a great many things, I could just as well be wrong. The definition in itself is dynamic in that one's perception of who/what constitutes a "friend" is based upon past experiences, good or bad (and even that is relative). The role of "friend" differs from person to person in that there are varying levels of "friendship" which leads the idea of "friend" into the realm of becoming an echelon within a rigid, hierarchical system of classification solely dependent upon situation as opposed to the beautiful, dynamic free-flowing exchange of thoughts, feelings and ideas that are inspirational and profound.

What brings about this evaluation of "friend"? Well, life has an interesting way of bringing people in and out of our existence. My personal reality is shaped by the experiences I have with each person who passes through my life, whether the encounter lasts mere seconds, a few hours, several weeks or many years. Each person teaches me something new: something new about people, the world, and myself. Some of you have taught me what I desire in a friend, some of you have given me the exact opposite realization, and that's okay. Learning is experiential and having multiple points of reference is key to understanding and processing information successfully. Some of you have been my friend for 15-20 years- we've been through break-ups of not only our own friendships but also romantic relationships, but as friends, we always made up- I'm thankful for you. Some of you have been my friend for far less time, but we've forged a bond despite the brevity of our acquaintance; I am also thankful for you. Some of you, I had an unfortunate lapse of judgement in believing you to be a real friend when in reality, there was an ulterior motive actively at work, and I'm thankful for you as well as you have taught me the most of any relationship I have had the opportunity in which to participate.

I always say that I'm going to "diversify my friends portfolio" by ridding myself of the toxic people in my life, but now I realize the procrastination period must end and the diversification must begin. As life has taught me, I will continue to meet various people who may not always have good intentions, but I have also learned that for every one of those people, there are many more people who are pure of heart and proceed with good intent. I only have time to devote to those friends who are positive and have a true interest in me as a person, a complete person. The totality of Self is never fully understood and that is the door through which relationships with others invites us to experience more of ourselves. I'm learning to open that door only to those people who are deserving of entrance.

So, thank all of you tag-ees of this note, and also those of who I didn't, for teaching me about humanity, myself, friendship and when to open and/or close the door to my Self."

Side note: I can't wait for the new Jennifer Lopez CD to drop early 2010 "Love?" I'm so excited and the first single, "Louboutins" is so inspirational!!! Who says a woman needs to cry "woe is me" when leaving a relationship? I hope more women take heed and throw on their Louboutins, walk it right up out the house and show him the tail lights of the Benz exiting the driveway!

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