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Sunday, July 5, 2009

No Art?

I've not created a single work of art, neither sketch nor finished painting, woven textile, spun fibers, nada in over a month! I'm going CRAZY. It's due to my extreme schedule of FT internship (which is fantastic) and PT evening/weekend job (which I also love) in addition to my children (who I love most of all), changing my mind constantly about my thesis (Japanese textiles, West African textiles, Japanese art), and trying to actually have a life that isn't defined by work/school... And that's the short version. I got to handle ancient Egyptian mummy wrappings (linen) still the highlight of my summer. I have 598 unread emails and I need to raise a little over $37,000 so I can actually finish school in May. I have an idea for a fundraiser in the works, but I need a little more time to get it together (designing and creating the work, photographing it and putting it on my Etsy and Artfire accounts-then finally getting the word out). I have to get back to my Japanese homework now before my Sensei kills me lol, actually he'll just laugh hysterically because my life is so over-scheduled my retention is nil. Any suggestions for getting the fundraiser out there please let me know. No links today... sorry :-(


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