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Friday, May 8, 2009

I finally did something with my website

As you can see, I sorta did something to my website.  I put it together in iWeb (yes, I'm a Mac) so I can have at least something to hold me over until Christina gets paid to develop it :-)  She's a graphic designer who does great work. Christina Peña designed my logo and business identity package and I absolutely LOVE it all.  It's very me, very whimsical yet still has a business feel to it without being too rigid and corporate.  Christina did a great job of capturing my personality, needs and wants in the design and layout.  Her website is and I highly recommend her work.  I just need to save up some money so I can hire her to build my super duper website.  So, for now, it's the iWeb site I put together.  I doubt I'll be able to learn HTML, Flash and Dreamweaver all by the end of the summer with such ability that I'll be able to create and design a spectacular website for myself. So, I'll leave it to the professional!  Also, it would be rather pointless to incorporate another design aesthetic into the mix.  Each designer has a completely different approach to the process and I really want this to be a cohesive identity.  

Speaking of identity. MY BOXES ARRIVED TODAY!!!! I'm so excited! Now when someone purchases my jewelry they'll have the option of shipping it in a lovely box.  The photo is from my iPhone and I didn't do a great job of photographing it. I took just a quick snapshot and the lighting was poor, but you get the picture.  The imprint is a metallic purple, and I absolutely LOVE them! I was hesitant about getting the white box with the swirls on it (think classic jewelry boxes) I really wanted a glossy white box, which my supplier doesn't have (they only carry glossy black, which has nothing to do with my identity as a business). My boxes, like everything else, is made from recycled post-consumer materials so I don't feel guilty about purchasing paper products. 

I finally found an affordable place to have my business cards printed too.  Its called Greener Printer and their website is  I received their sample materials and their print jobs were wonderful, but a while ago I couldn't afford it.  Recently, they added a self-upload option that would make the printing significantly less expensive (and within my budget) so I'm going to place my order next friday when I get paid. I'm very excited to finally have cards.  I vowed not to print them if I didn't find a company that uses recycled paper (or non-paper products) and soy or vegetable based inks AND it had to be affordable.  Search is over! I now have to focus on finding someone who can do the same for my envelopes and letterhead as well. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. I also have no idea how to create a hyperlink within the blog, I can only enable the title as a link. If you have info, please share via comments.

That's it for the moment. I have finish my finals. I have several more papers to write so I must be off. Until next time!


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