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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vatican Plans to build largest solar plant

I just wanted to post this link here just click on the title above to go to the Bloomberg website and view the article. I think its is a beautiful gesture for the Vatican to install solar panels on their 740 acre property.  Here in the States, when there are power overages and the panels generate more energy that is consumed, they have to cut the person a check...  How does a company write a check to God???

The interesting part is they're getting crap about it and people are attempting to diminish the amount of change the panels would provide regarding the global climate.  That's the problem we are faced with now. Too many nay-sayers.  If everyone does what they can to help and the people/organizations that are able to do more take advantage of their opportunity, we will not only be able to reduce our carbon emissions levels for now, but also make sure that future generations have a planet on which they can live.  

What are your thoughts???

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